8 August 2022

The Infusionist Mocktails - Pina Colada (Aldi) By @Cinabar

The Infusionist Mocktails - Pina Colada (Aldi)

It appears we are at the start of another heatwave in Britain. I don’t look forward to them. A sunny day is nice, but a day that is too hot is just uncomfortable. I’m working too this week, so that doesn’t leave much room for keeping cool. So I’m having myself a cocktail, well the alcohol-free kind; The Infusionist MocktaiI Pina Colada.

This is a fruit juice based drink from the chiller section of the supermarket. It has the flavours of a Pina Colada, with pineapple juice and coconut milk. There is also apple and grape juice in the mix too. It is a slightly milky colour and I poured some into the glass. I feel like to do this properly I needed some posher glasses and a tiny paper umbrella, but I would just have to go with the plain glass.

I gave it a taste and it was delicious. This is such a wonderful fruity tropical flavour. The balance of coconut and pineapple was spot on, it was creamy but also had a nice acidic base giving a tang. I find it super refreshing on a hot day and may go and stock up on some of the other flavours. A nice way to keep cool for the heat wave.

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