16 August 2022

Wispa Gold Salted Caramel (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Wispa Gold Salted Caramel

Oh my, it is salted caramel. That signifies worrying times ahead. If a company wants to bring out a new flavour but times are difficult, you need something that will be a definite win. That translates to the obvious choice of salted caramel. It is safe, so very safe. It isn’t exciting, and in a product that already has caramel, it is such a minor change that I’ll be interested to know if it is worth it.

For the record, I do like salted caramel, which I guess is the point as to why it is so low risk, but it does annoy me because it isn’t imaginative. Still trying to be open minded, I unwrapped the bar. Nothing different in the aroma to the regular Wispa Gold, it all looks much the same. I gave it a try, and have to say there was a reasonable amount of salt. This was nice with the sweet flavours, and the contrast was tasty. The chocolate did carry it well. Will I be bothered when they get discontinued? Not particularly, they are good but not that interesting. I bought enough to keep me going anyway. Did I end up buying six bars because the crafty lady in Tesco upsold me? Yes completely true. I bought three and the lady said they are on three for two. I replied and said I know. She replied, so if you buy one more you get two free. So I did. Her mind games were next level.

Wispa Gold Salted Caramel


zeddy said...

I found these to be quite meh.
I'll stick with a normal Gold.
Actually, what I really want is a Bournville Wispa with a mint fondant filling.

cinabar said...

Bournville Wispa with Mint - we need to make this happen. I'm so with you on this. That would be a dream bar right there.