11 August 2022

Coca-Cola tic tacs - Limited Edition nightmare tablets (@NLi10)

 Some things aren’t meant to exist, but the cash-waiting potential for cross-over products is so tempting that we get things like this. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drinks on the planet (even if it tastes different depending on where you are like all soft drinks). Tic tacs are an inexplicably popular over-priced mint style sweet (although it was the orange and lime ones I was addicted to as a child).

If they bred them in captivity it would produce this

Coca Cola tic tac box

Made with CocaCola seems a strange claim - more correctly it should say the syrup that it mentions in the ingredients. It does explain the brand styling though - these are tictacs with the coke syrup as the flavour.

Ingredients on the back of the box

4 of the first three ingredients are sugar, which is kind of funny - these are sugar pils flavoured with Coke - literal placebos that convince you you’ve had some official coke.

And the aesthetics are flawless.

Very close up of the tictacs with coke logo printed on them

My heart line says that I prefer Pepsi. Well - Fentiman’s really but that’s more of a treat. 

Coke is an orange based cola flavour and that’s what you get here - a hit of sweetness (like Coke pre the sugar tax) and the Coke flavour, then a little acid burn from the orange. That final burn and the shape are the only tictac contributions. The aftertaste from tictac isn’t there which is odd - because I missed it.

If you want lasting cola flavour then cola bottles (the sweet or the drink) are better - and more refreshing. A single tic of these wasn’t that impressive, but three is about the right power and does leave you with an aftertaste - even if it’s the orange oil one. And to be honest I’d rather have normal minty tictacs.

That said - if your plan is to pick these up on sale (like I did) and then pop them on your desk at work as an object of interest then they do that job admirably. And once in a while I might eat one and then wish I had any glass of any cola to take the taste away.

One for collectors only.


Anonymous said...

"these are tictacs with the coke syrup as the flavour."

that would be the same coke syrup that gives coke its flavour...

thus they are coke flavoured.

Odd review.

zeddy said...

I thought these tasted quite authentic.