10 August 2022

Oreo Twists Vanilla & Raspberry flavour (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Oreo Twists Vanilla & Raspberry flavour

I'm not usually all that interested in Oreos. Sorry, but they don't usually do much for me. Having said that, I'd like to contradict myself there and say that White Chocolate Oreos are some of the best biscuits I've ever had the pleasure to eat. I look forward to them coming out each Christmas here in the UK. I don't know why they just come out at Christmas here. I do love washing them down with a white hot chocolate drink. I'd eat them all the time if I could.

One of my other all time favourite types of biscuits are Jam and Creams. Just like the White Chocolate Oreos they go perfectly with a white hot chocolate drink.. So when Cinabar showed me these Oreo Twists Vanilla & Raspberry flavour I wasn't all that interested until I started to think about it. These could be Raspberry Ripple flavour in between a chocolate biscuit. Raspberry Ripple is one of my all time favourite flavours of ice cream. I wish someone would produce low calorie ice cream tubs of it. It was that thought that made me just have to try these biscuits.

Oreo Twists Vanilla & Raspberry flavour

On opening the packet you can see from the photograph that there was a swirl of raspberry and of vanilla in the centre of the Oreos. There was a lovely strong Raspberry Ripple aroma. The smell was absolutely mouthwatering. On first crunchy taste the Raspberry Ripple flavour oozed out of the sides of the biscuit filling my mouth with that all time favourite ice cream flavour, which then mixed in with chocolate Oreo biscuit sandwiching it. These biscuits were heaven. I mean really. They also didn't last very long, I can tell you.

Information on the packet; There were 11 Oreo's in the packet (emphasis on 'were'), each biscuit was 70 calories, with 3.2g of fat, 6.1g of sugar, and 0.08g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Oreo Twists Vanilla & Raspberry flavour

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