30 August 2022

Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint

I was sure I’d seen this before. I’ve had Mint Aero so often (I love mint chocolate) and I have had Dark Milk Aero and the two things sort of merged in my mind and, despite the ‘new’ label, it felt very familiar. I actually searched on here to see if I had written about it. This might be an age thing now I come to think about it. It turns out I couldn’t find it and that this is properly new, but clearly not the most adventurous flavour in Aero history.

The bar looks very dark once opened and the centre is all dark too, no fun green chocolate here. I gave a piece a try and really liked the flavour. The chocolate was dark, but not bitter, and the peppermint was sweet and fresh. There was quite a bit of mint and the dark chocolate contrasted it nicely. It is a good, well balanced combination of flavours. Aero is so easy to eat, I love the bubble texture and this bar had all that. Maybe not the most imaginative new flavour, but I was very happy with the chocolate and would buy it again. Let’s hope I remember having had it before, next time.

Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint


zeddy said...

Given how Nestle have destroyed Rowntree Mackintosh's legacy with increasingly sweeter and less cocoa content of their bars, this actually not bad at all.
Mint and dark are such an easy combination but a great one.

Andrew Winton said...

These have been out since around the start of 2021, so you will have seen them in shops. Shame the inside isn't green though but I get why they couldn't do that.