26 August 2022

Willies Cacao Hot Chocolate (Holland and Barrett) By @cinabar

Willies Cacao Hot Chocolate

I’m always searching for new hot chocolate, and this pretty packet caught my eye on the shop shelf. Well it is hard to miss, isn’t it, with the psychedelic spirals on the packet of the Willies Cacao Hot Chocolate. Although I buy a lot of hot chocolate, if I’m completely honest, I don’t actually like that many. I’m super fussy, and want it to taste seriously good. I have noticed that price doesn’t necessarily correlate to taste either. This is a mid-range price drink, and before I knew it the bag was in my basket and on its way home.

This hot chocolate is one made with milk, which is usually a good start. I am pleased to say that it mixed easily into the hot milk and dissolved without leaving lumps behind, another irritant of some hot chocolates. The drink looked pretty dark and I gave it a sip. Gosh, I was glad that I had picked this bag up, the hot chocolate was properly full of flavour. There was a nice sweetness to it which was soothing, without it being too sugary. The cocoa is the star. There was tons of chocolatey goodness packed in here, and it was such a lovely full flavour. A proper hug in a mug.

Willies Cacao Hot Chocolate

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