7 August 2022

Snickers White - Limited Edition (@NLi10)

 It’s getting hot again so I decided I’d get some chocolate bars to chill and keep me cool.

I’d not had a Snickers White which I decided to rectify

So far, so legit. Same strong branding, same rippled texture.

And there is a decent waft of white chocolate about it too.

And inside it’s the same sweet stuff. This isn’t a shock - all the Snickers are basically the same ingredients but as peanuts are chunky that changes the texture based on sizes. I’m not sure that the white chocolate works that well - it’s more sweetness than the bar needs. I think a more vanilla based Magnum style chocolate would have worked better here, but the bar is nice enough as it stands.

It did work quite well as a chilled snack though!

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