14 August 2022

Kulfi Ice - a true taste of the east (@NLi10)

It's too hot again - and so I decided that I'd do a 'still eating this' review about Kulfi Ice.  I mean we used to get through tubs & tubs of the stuff so I must have written once or twice about it already, right?

Turns out - no! Back in those days we mostly stuck to snack bars and so on, so tubs of Kulfi iced deserts didn't make it on.  But - a few years ago we switched to getting the Kulfi on a stick version.  Less flavour variety but so much easier.

So what are they?  If you are from the UK they are basically a more grown-up version of the Mini Milk.  You freeze a milkshake and then you eat it! This has pistachio and various other things in it to make it a grainy and sophisticated experience.

OK, it's basically milk and sugar and some flavours and colours (along with the nuts) - but it is very nice.

We tended to see it originally as a desert in the many many Eastern restaurants around Birmi9ngham then realised we could be eating it at home too. It survives this ludicrous heat really well - I think it might be designed not to just fall on the floor like all English Ice-Creams are.

As I've been eating these for at least 15 years ( I remember siting in the garden with a tub shortly after we moved in) it's safe to say I'm a fan, but these stick versions are really much easier.  

If you like the flavour of cooked milk and pistachios then give it a go.

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