18 August 2022

Frozen Cake Treats! Cadbury Mini Rolls Suitable for freezing (@NLi10)

 It’s no longer too hot but it’s still a welcome idea to have nice little cold treats, so when I spotted the new suggestions on these mini rolls I couldn’t resist.

First up - minty ones - like a mint choc chip Choc ice I guess.

Still tiny

Chocolate thinner than it was in childhood

Overall though, not bad at all! Just the right balance of filling and the cake didn’t go odd in the freezer. Probably better than just eating them normally, and if you imagine that you’d probably get two in a pack you have a decent sized snack.

This one I couldn’t really see how it’d work

Of course - the Choc is the outside and the vanilla is just the sponge. Again - needs thicker outside coating and maybe a fruitier middle but I enjoyed this. Tiny bites suitable for kids and unable to melt and go everywhere. A nice little treat then, and an unnexpected win.

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