19 July 2023

Banks’s Mild Beer (Local Shop) By @SpectreUK

Banks’s Mild Beer

Oh, yes, it's back. You may not have heard of it or tried it, but Banks's Mild has been my favourite beer since I don't know when. They stopped making it a few years back. I think it was due to problems with sourcing ingredients, but they seem to have sorted that out. It came out in twenty-four packs a few months back from the brewery, but even I'm not sure I can drink that much.

Then a few days back Cinabar was looking for Foodstuffs in a local store and stumbled across a four pack. She teased me a little by saying she'd bought me something I would really like, but wouldn't tell me what it was. I couldn't guess Banks's Mild either, mainly because I'd pretty much lost hope of seeing it again.

The perfect time to enjoy a can is on my Birthday, which is today. On opening the can I was instantly reminded of the sweet malty goodness of Banks's Mild. At 3.5% in volume this deep brown colour beer transported me back to when I was drinking Mild all the time. First the malty goodness to begin with, then a smooth creaminess, followed by a light warming fruitiness from the hops into the aftertaste. Gorgeous. I'm so glad to see it's back in the shops again.

In Wolverhampton they say, "You can save your thanks's, I'll have a pint of Banks's."

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