21 July 2023

Kit Kat Caramel 4 Fingers (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Caramel 4 Fingers

There was something a little unconvincing about the word ‘new’ on this four-finger Kit Kat Caramel. Something just doesn’t feel that new or that different, if I’m honest. So I had a look back at previous Kit Kat reviews we’ve posted, and I found eight others that were similar. So this four-finger bar is new in the UK, but Kit Kat loves their caramel flavours, so it isn’t exactly that exciting.

I felt a little unenthusiastic, but I unwrapped the bar. There was a heady aroma of dark caramel and chocolate, which was rather nice, to be fair. I split a finger of Caramel Kit Kat from the bar and gave it a try. There is no argument that this was a nice bar. The caramel was rich and dark, and it had a slightly bitter burnt flavour that was lovely with the chocolate. It was a tasty bar, even if there was no gooey caramel inside it. I think they are just sticking with the idea that you can’t go wrong with caramel, and you can’t; this bar does taste good. I am just struggling to get excited about another caramel bar on the market, but I appreciate that this won’t be the last caramel Kit Kat variant to appear on the blog. For those wondering, here are just some of the others I could find:

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