6 July 2023

Pot Noodle Piri Piri Chicken Cluckin' Hot [@NLi10]

 I had this for ages in my lunch cupboard at home, and it was never the bset thing on offer (I have masala noodles!).  I took it to work and ate it the same week - mainly because a colleague went to Peri Fino which is the budget Nandos that started by us and seems to be sweeping the UK.

The gimmick is this - it's a chicken pot noodle, but with spices - and a sauce sachet designed to vary the power of the burn!

Like most things, I just don't care for the machismo of having the spiciest food so planned to just put a bit in at a time and see what it was like

Looks fairly inoffensive with no spice - but it turns out that the default setting is pretty close to a Nando's medium.  It's certainly got the flavour too - nicely done!

I put in some of the viscous red spiciness (in stages up to about half the sachet).  If you see this at home - please visit your GP.

I mixed it in well so I didn't get any nasty shocks - and essentially it was just chilli oil and some redness.  It didn't really develop the flavour, just made the existing flavour spicier.  As I approached the half a sachet mark I realised that I wasn't going to get any benefits by making the remaining part of my lunch really hot so I just binned the rest.

This did however enable me to fully enjoy the flavours that they had included in the normal mix without any concerns of burns when necking the remaining sauce.

Ignore the flavour sachet and just enjoy this as a lunch, with maybe some bread or something to mop up the sauce afterwards - and sprinkle on your own favourite spicy sauce to add both extra chilli and some deeper flavours and you have a pretty good lunch.

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