1 July 2023

Overtone: Vic, I’m Home Beer (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Overtone: Vic, I’m Home Beer

I asked Cinabar who Vic was when I first saw this can of beer. Vic Secret is an Australian hops tasting of pineapple, passion fruit, and pine. Also known as Tomahawk, Columbus hops were added in the brewing of Vic, I'm Home, for even more citrus, and a little earthiness and peppery flavour.

A whopping 8.5% in volume this DIPA, often known as Imperial India Pale Ale, double-hopped beer is a fairly recent American beer innovation, big on fruity hop flavours and with extra malt for extra flavour. I can't help looking forward to washing my fish and chips down from our local Chippy with this beer.

On opening the can there was initially a spicy almost pepper aroma, mixed with that earthiness and tropical fruits, and then sweet pale malt to finish. On taste this misty light golden DIPA was a lot heavier on the Columbus hops than I thought it would be. Almost overwhelming the fruit flavour, the bitter pepper taste from the Columbus hops really snapped at my tastebuds. Though this was certainly in a good way, as all those spices warmed me up on this rainy English afternoon. There was a mild fruity tropical flavour, mostly underneath all that earthy pepper, almost barely noticeable really. Then some sweetness tried to poke out from the sheer spiciness, in an attempt to smooth out the heavy Columbus flavour of this Vic, I'm Home.

I don't know about Vic, I couldn't really hear him for all the banging on my tastebuds door that Columbus was doing. However I liked this beer. I know I don't sound like I do, but I like a good flavoursome spicy beer. It reminded me of a good red rye beer. I'd certainly recommend Vic, I'm Home in the Autumn and Winter months. It should certainly warm you up a bit.

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