30 July 2023

Mr Beast Feastable Bars - in the UK! (Spar) [@NLi10]

 I like Mr Beast’s videos - they are the right balance of silly and generous to push all the buttons that a good background video on YouTube should.  For those who don’t know he basically makes silly games up and people win money or cars.

And he’s decided to go to war on America’s terrible chocolate.  This too is a good cause, to Europeans American chocolate has a certain vomit-like aftertaste. So - he’s released these Feastable bars.

At 60g each they are pretty slim, and at £2.50 each thats luxury pricing.

You can win one free on the spar spin website - see my video review for the link :) (When I’m not in the car I’ll probably put it below too)

I bet if you scan the code here you get the same result!

The coco percent is higher than Dairy Milk, but the milk is lower.

They are modern, textured bars - very flat - nicely snappy.

The ‘milk’ one isn’t very exciting. Both my partner & I’s first response was ‘advent calendar chocolate’ - decent quality for that genre - but still exactly what you’d expect there

Luckily the peanut one is more interesting - the extra saltiness really helps bring the flavours to life.

But - at the luxury price this really is a hard sell - it needs to be about £1.50 to justify the slight portions and lack of excitement.

All this taken into consideration it’s probably the new king of American chocolate, but it’s not near the top ten in Europe.

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