4 July 2023

S’morsels Candy (Petrol Station) By @SpectreUK

S’morsels Candy

Spectre bought this box of S’morsels Candy for me when he went to buy petrol, as he thought they looked different. The petrol station actually has quite an interesting selection of treats and often has imported products I haven’t seen before. These originated in America and looked like they would be a nice treat in the evening after work. The name is a play on Smores, the American idea of melting a marshmallow from a campfire squished between two biscuits. Yum! So this is all of that represented in chocolate.

Inside the S’morsels Candy box are small pieces of chocolate-coated candy, with a firm fondant like feeling. Somehow there is biscuit texture in there too, which is rather clever as I could feel it in every bite but couldn’t see it. I love varied textures, and these are lightly crispy and enjoyable. The flavour is nice too, there is milk chocolate, sweet marshmallow, and a nice hint of biscuit. What a lovely, moreish combination. They are sweet, chocolatey, different, and very easy to eat.

The box of S’morsels Candy didn’t last long. I need to get Spectre to pick up another box when he is next topping up the petrol. 

S’morsels Candy

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