9 July 2023

Miami. Smoked Streaky Mini Rashers [@NLi10]

Home-alone dinners are fun, I get to eat all the meaty treats! I also get to eat all the vegan/veggie 'but look too realistic' treats I've bought that my partner just nopes.

Today is one of those days - basically the bits to make a lovely vegan carbonara.    Feeling lazy so I just had it as a spicy thing instead.

You get a generous tray of little bits here - 4 portions easily - and they stick a little when frying but otherwise turned out great.

Lovely mix of pasta, and a shake of the sauce shop buffalo sauce that I like to add to everything and we have a decent meal for one!

The 'meat' clearly isn't meat, but it's the lovely textured protein that I'm happy to add to any meal.  Perfect for stir fries and wraps (done both since) and the smokey flavour is really good too.  I'll be trying to keep these in stock in the freezer (and maybe sneak a few into the veggie's diet to see what she thinks).

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