2 July 2023

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Beer [@NLi10] & Piccolini Pizza - Iceland

It's a big wrestling weekend in the UK - Money in the Bank was in London! I mean - it wasn't in the big arena, that's to come in Aug. But it was big enough.  It's a busy time of the year for me so I decided to let other people have this one - but it didn't mean I couldn't join in.

I picked up three of my favourite beers - the Hitachino Nest ones - recently, but had two new flavours to try.  The first of which is this red rice beer.  It's fruity, and it's certainly got a strangeness to it - but it's very much in line with the original White one that I usually have.

And to accompany it - a nice spicy pizza from Iceland. Part of the 3 for £10 Italian range I've not really had this before - we tend to go for the meals instead. 

And it's certainly lush.  Now they've stopped doing the Lewis Capaldi pizzas this is probably the most deluxe one they have.  All the meats are good, and the variety of cheeses are very Italian and not like a lot of the frozen brands.

Not too filling unlike the Chicago town ones too - this is so much lighter and fluffier.

Perfect for a projector size wrestling show!

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