13 July 2023

Gran Luchito Mexican - Zingy & Tangy Tomatillo Salsa [@NLi10]

Seeing as we have one of the UKs most highly rated Mexican restaurants on our high-street we've been eating authentically a lot more often.  Consequently I crave these flavours more when we make our own wraps.

I picked this up at one of the dog shows (bizarrely, but they do have a farm shop on site)  and have been slowly adding it to things.

First up - it looks authentically terrible and only the gentle smells entice you in.

Goo on ingredients!

And for my personal tastes it's almost too mild! I think that a medium would have suited us more.  That said this does have the deep flavours that I'd now associate with a trip up the road, but not quite the blend that they have.

So - not a substitute for A La Mexicana, but a nice thing to have at home to add to a veggie burrito or two.

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