28 July 2023

Popcorn Frappé and Light Whip (Costa) By @cinabar

Popcorn Frappé and Light Whip (Costa)

For once I finished work and got to the train station with 15 minutes to spare, I decided to celebrate the weekend and treat myself to the summer special from Costa. I bought myself a Popcorn Frappé and Light Whip to enjoy on the train. It looked lovely with its popcorn syrup splashed on the sides of the cup and its whipped cream topping and popcorn bits on top.

My train was also surprisingly quiet (I got a seat), so that was a bonus too. I gave the drink a sip, and it was super yummy, sweet, and refreshing. There is clearly a lot of sugary caramel goodness in this drink, I also picked up on a touch of salt and, of course, that lovely flavour of popcorn. The taste was sweet but well balanced, and the popcorn added a slight, almost savoury flavour to the drink. The topping was good too, the bits on top weren’t actually popcorn as they melted away, but they had the flavour and plenty of caramel too. This Popcorn Frappé with Light Whip is such a good summer drink, perfect for a pick-me-up after a long day. The weekend starts here!

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