14 July 2023

Harry Potter Butterbeer Sweets (CandyMail) By @Cinabar

Harry Potter Butterbeer Sweets

I think we all know I love a novelty snacking item, so I couldn’t resist adding a bag of these Harry Potter Butterbeer Sweets to my last candy import order. They are based on the drink from the Harry Potter films, Butterbeer. I know they sell butterbeer at some tourist places, like Warner Brothers Studios, and that version is liquid and non-alcoholic but very sweet. I haven’t tried it, but I wanted to get an idea of the flavour.

I opened up the pack, and the aroma was immediately one of strong caramel. I knew these were going to be good. Each sweet is shaped like a beer tankard with a handle, and they were a little squidgier than I thought they would be. Flavour-wise, they are a complete, strong hit of rich, buttery caramel. They are super sweet, but in a good way, the end flavour almost has a creme brûlée burnt sugar flavour. They were really nice. The texture is fairly soft and lightly chewy. These Harry Potter Butterbeer Sweets might be based on a novelty idea, but they are a quality batch of sweets that are very tasty, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Sweets

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