8 July 2023

Boys in the Better Land Beer (@WeeBeerShop The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Boys in the Better Land

No takeaway tonight. We have been having them a little too often on Fridays for the last few weeks. A takeaway is generally a seldom treat after a long week at work, and so expensive these days that they only happen once or twice a month. We're trying to police ourselves a bit better with money, so we're opting for spicy barbecue chicken and oven cooked chips tonight.

Boys in the Better Land is a dark Belgian ale brewed with Hallertau Blanc, and infused with whole clementines, herbs and spices. Two Towns Down Brewing were inspired by a legendary fisherman's ale when producing this Boys in the Better Land. At a hefty 9.5% in volume it's made with Belgian malt for a sweet candy base, and fermented with Belgian yeast.

I'm hoping Boys in the Better Land will wash my spicy barbecue chicken down well. After all, a spicy beer to wash down a spicy chicken on one of the hottest days of the year, what can go wrong? Well, it's certainly hot outside and also in here, so I'm hoping for something refreshing to drink. This beer has been languishing in the fridge for long enough anyway.

On opening the can there was a heady aroma from the strong alcohol by volume. This coupled with the wine-like fruity smell of the hops gave this Boys in the Better Land an extra push in strength. There was also a biscuit almost burnt toast smell from the sweet malts to finish, with the slightest hint of chocolate. On initial taste this dark Belgian ale slapped my tastebuds with its alcoholic strength. It wasn't unpleasant in ABV, but it was getting there. It was certainly warming, which didn't help with the sun blaring down on me.

There was definite spiciness to this beer, so it began to grow on me pretty quickly with each swig. The wine-like fruitiness, a little sourness of gooseberries, and grassy notes of the hops merged perfectly with the touch of clementines, herbs and spices, finishing on sweet dark biscuit malt and a touch of chocolate. Boys in the Better Land is more of a winter beer in my opinion. I'm certainly inclined to get another can or two later on in the year to warm me up a bit in the colder months.

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