26 July 2023

McVities’s Raspberry flavour Tartlets (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

McVities’s Raspberry flavour Tartlets

I'm not one of those people who works out like hell to just eat lettuce. I don't mind lettuce in a salad or a BLT, but I love a good pudding. I have a bad habit of counting my calories all day so I can leave room for a good dessert. It doesn't have to be anything fancy either, it could be just a packet of biscuits.

Now my greedy old self who used to be seventeen and a half stone would just eat the packet of biscuits. After three knee operations and five years of weight loss, I still want to eat that whole packet. So I burn it off through exercise. It's not for everyone I know. I get up really early and just keep going until lunchtime, and that can get pretty late on some days. The mountain, as I call it, isn't much fun, it's painful and time consuming, but just as long as I stick to my regular calorie level for the end of the day, and eat pretty healthily for lunch and my dinner, I get to eat whatever pudding a like.

These McVities's Raspberry flavour Tartlets are on my pudding menu for tonight, with a pot of low calorie vanilla ice cream. Now a 70 calorie pot of vanilla ice cream will go with just about anything. I've even used it instead of using Brandy Cream on a Christmas Pudding, and gosh, that was good.

McVities’s Raspberry flavour Tartlets

These McVities's Raspberry flavour Tartlets have a creamy and fruity centre. Oh I really do wish that some manufacturer or other would bring out a low calorie pot of Raspberry Ripple ice cream. Now that would be a day for celebration. Anyway, on opening the packet there was a super strong raspberry ripple aroma from the biscuits inside. Lovely and crunchy these Tartlets had a luscious creamy sweet raspberry flavour. Moreish to the extreme, I barely opened the ice cream before half the packet had disappeared. Gosh these are good.

Information on the wrapper; With 14 biscuits in the 100g packet, each biscuit contains 35 calories, with 1.8g of fat, 1.7g of sugar, and 0.06g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

McVities’s Raspberry flavour Tartlets

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