16 July 2023

Waitrose Lemon & Lime Cupcakes [@Nli10]

We went to Nanna's house for the Wimbledon finals (the 96 year old one that reviewed PRIME for me) and we took strawberries and cream. In return she broke out the luxury cakes!

Nanna & I both love Waitrose and she'd requested these with her order to share with visitors. And we fit the bill.

They look almost like a version of the Christmas range in the pictures - very much something to impress the guests.  Tennis still ongoing at this point.

And the reality does match the pack shots too. Good definition on the frosting, and nice sprinkles.

And the inside is just good quality cake.  Lovely balance and great flavours - although lemon and lime are very hard to pick up in something like this they work well with the rich sponge flavour.

Another Ace from Waitrose.

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