20 July 2023

GNAW - Vegan Hot Choc Shots (the minty one) [@NLi10]

 We are still working through the Christmas supplies, and it’s almost August! Good job that cool summer evenings are great for hot chocolate too. 

Of the three - I chose the dark mint - and here are the ingredients

These are best made by dropping into some microwaved milk, but as it’s vegan AND we already had the velvetiser out I added some oat milk and spun away

So far so good

I overfilled the tiny stone cup

Some side slurps required

And then it vanished!

Well, mostly. Downside of the milk frothier method is it doesn’t get it quite as hot so the oils don’t break down as fast. A success though after a while.  The mint isn’t quite strong enough, and the Choc could have been darker. The texture as always on these stick ones is like you have micro-lumps of the chocolate in your drink.

Still lovely - we drank ours outside while watching the neighbourhood bat try to eat the fat kingfisher moths, and then we watched the International Space Station fly over! I look forwards to doing the same for the other two.

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