23 October 2010

Kit Kat Senses Caramel Cream [By Spectre] (Boots)

This new Kit Kat addition makes it three Kit Kat Caramels available on the market now, two of which have replaced (much to Cinabar’s chagrin) Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter and Kit Kat Senses Hazelnut Cream. This Kit Kat is long, thin and set in five chunks, rather than Chunky or the usual double Kit Kat size. I suspect this Kit Kat is for a rather over indulgent break for those who have had an extra busy morning at work or who have been running around town with their hair on fire whilst trying to shop and keep several screaming brats quiet. Like the British Chunky Caramel this bar’s caramel is still solid inside, rather than runny caramel, and set on top of a thick crunchy wafer. Despite the crunchy wafer there is a softness to the caramel, and the combination goes well together for an altogether pleasant and slightly (worryingly) feminine experience. I prefer caramel runny, though I do like the odd chocolate wafer now and then; I just wouldn’t rush out to hunt one of these down. The even harder to find Mars Caramel is like the pot of runny caramel gold at the end of the rainbow, and let’s not forget the rich soft wet caramel goodness that is Cadbury’s Wispa Gold. If I want easily affordable, easily obtainable, runny caramel chocolate goodness, it’s Cadbury’s Caramel every time. If a shop doesn’t stock it, there’s something wrong with the shop!
By Spectre


Rodzilla said...

Sounds pretty good. I'm not sure I'd pay to have one shipped over seas though (Like I would the wispa gold)

speaking of which, are wispa golds still available?

cinabar said...

Sadly the Wispa Gold has been discontinued - such a shame, one of the nicest bars ever. :-(