7 October 2010

Vitamin Water (Cannock Chase Visitor Centre) {by @NLi10}

As the weather gets cooler and the summer attractions draw to a close there is nothing nicer than a walk in the woods. Cannock Chase is near to where I grew up and has plenty of places to wander around, get lost in and have to call search and rescue out.
As it was a nice day a couple of weekends ago we decided to go out for a walk and to sustain me on this arduous trek I chose a bottle of Vitamin Water from the visitor centre/gift shop. I'd not tried this range before and thought that I'd seen it around quite a lot and should give it a try. The flavour involved pomegranates and claimed various semi-medicinal properties.
Thing is though it tasted pretty much like water, maybe the water you used to wash out a bottle of squash that you just finished. I guess that a bottle of water with a hint of flavour and a few vitamins sprayed in may be what your average walker wants, but it's priced higher than your typical bottle of Ribena and just below the mood enhancing drink I tried in London called Neuro Bliss but isn't as nice or as effective as either of these.
While we happily drank it as we walked around the signposted course I couldn't help thinking that I'd rather have had either a big bottle of plain water or something with a defined flavour and that this was too much about the image and less about the product. It's made by Coca Cola and while it's probably better for you than your typical Cola I'd wager that the health benefits of a fruit juice would be far higher.
by @NLi10

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