30 October 2010

Post Road - Pumpkin Ale [By Spectre] (The Wineyard & Deli, Morecambe)

I’d like to start Spectre’s write up with a big thank you to The Wineyard in Morecambe for making this post possible. They very kindly sent us this Pumpkin Ale to help indulge Spectre’s adventures in flavoured beer as they stock such an amazing selection of interesting ales. If you aren’t already following @TheWineyard on Twitter, you really ought to be for all the news on the best wines and interesting beers. Thanks again for sending us such an interesting and seasonal product, let’s see what Spectre makes of it...

When I first heard about Pumpkin Ale a few weeks ago, I thought it was some kind of new gimmick for Halloween. I hadn’t realised that our American friends across the great pond have been brewing ales flavoured with barley and with pumpkins since the first American Colonials in the 18th Century. This pumpkin ale is an offering from the Brooklyn Brewery in New York State. I’ve tried and enjoyed pumpkin cake, which tastes slightly carroty, and also pumpkin soup, which was also remarkably tasty. On opening this ale I noticed a spicy smell to it. The ale was then carted off for a lengthy crazy photo session with Cinabar shining torches through it and generally trying to set the house on fire with a pumpkin shaped candle. When I finally got to taste the ale I was taken back by the spicy taste. There is an earthiness to this beer that tastes perhaps of pumpkin, but has a hint of carrot to it also. The spices reminded me of ginger, but not too strongly. The beverage itself had a penetrating ale taste that bites at the back of the mouth poking through the mulled spice taste. This ale was a pleasant surprise indeed and I wanted to drink more than the single bottle I had at my disposal. It has a good spice that made me want to savour it without a food accompaniment whilst watching a late night movie. Perhaps at this time of year a slasher or zombie movie would be best? Failing the scary movie, the spices go well with that mulled taste to make a lovely ale that can be enjoyed all year round, perhaps even as an alternative to mulled wine at Christmas time. As pumpkin ale tastes faintly carroty, I wonder if carrot ale would catch on. I’m sure there are a few bunnies hopping around somewhere that wouldn’t mind giving it a go!
By Spectre

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