20 October 2010

Tyrrell's Alternatives - Thai Chilli Rice Crackers [By Spectre] (Waitrose)

Tyrrell's crisps can usually be found in huge sharing grab bags, so I was a bit surprised to find this smaller packaged helping from their Alternatives range. Rice crackers can be dry and they usually suck all the moisture from my body and anyone else that's near me at the time of eating. So I expected these Tyrrell's Thai Chilli Rice Crackers to do the same. They are small crunchy rounded crackers and have a sweet Thai flavour with a mild heat behind the sweetness. As the wrapper suggests, they are extremely moreish and I noticed the chilli heat slowly building the more I ate. I could have happily eaten a bigger bag than the 50g and was left yearning for more once I'd emptied the packet. You can really savour the mixed chilli and paprika flavour of these healthy feeling snacks. There is also a hint of onions and noticeable fish extract the more you eat. The Thai sweetness and chilli heat makes you just want to pop one after another into your mouth, the flavours washing around in there make your taste buds water. At no point did I feel dry eating these, I just wanted more. A monstrous bag of these would be great for sharing out at parties or film nights. So come on Tyrrells, bigger helpings please!
By Spectre


Anne said...

I never had the ones from Tyrrell's but you can get snacks like these in asian grocery shops and I love them! You might want to have a look there, the bags tend to be bigger (and migth also be cheaper :)

cinabar said...

We will have a look in the Chinese grocery shop at the weekend - see what we find. :-)