10 October 2010

Posh Biscuits (Marks & Spencer) {by @NLi10}

Sometimes a good deed is its own reward, and for the other occasions there is biscuits. I got the above for helping out at work which was a nice surprise!

Marks & Spencer are still kings of the prestige end of the high street food market, only really stocking the things that they make and some other brands that you only tend to see in posh places and in your Grandma's house. While Waitrose is catching up fast, they tend to specialise in things for people who cook meals while the Ready Meals and snacks are the M&S forte.

The Milk Chocolate & Honeycomb layered cookies were up first. I had a bad experience with a Crunchie bar (well a Canadian variant) and spinning round on an office chair as a child and don't tend to like Honeycomb products as a result. The biscuit is pretty lush and is more of a desert thing for with a cup of tea after a nice meal than a desk snack. While the flavours were balanced well I think the pieces on the top were just a little bit too big for my tastes. I'd happily eat these again.

The Dutch Shortcake (Not Half Chocolaty) biscuits were more surprising. They were VERY crumbly and hard to extract from the package without coating the desk in biscuit. The flavours were worth it and the biscuit itself was very rich as you'd expect from M&S. I don't think you could put these in a biscuit barrel though, they are too refined and would be broken up by the rough and tumble of the rich tea and malted milks like the posh kid in the comprehensive school playground. Realistically if you have more than one person and a packet of these they aren't going to last long enough to go off and I am already on my second packet.

All in all a nice haul - thanks Boss!

By @NLi10

(and yes - the Dinosaur mug does contain Builders Tea)


Claudia said...

Those Dutch shortcake ones are so nice and so addictive :(

cinabar said...

These look fab - must try them!