12 October 2010

Piri Piri Crisps [Taste The Difference] (Sainsbury’s)

Here at Foodstuff Finds we like our spicy crisps, so when I saw these in Sainsbury’s they went straight into the trolley. The base of the crisps is quite thick and has a decent crunch to them. This made them feel substantial and like a high end product, ie posh nosh.
The taste was very flavoursome, and I could pick up on a nice mix of ingredients from paprika, garlic to there being even a little sweetness from tomato. There was some heat from the chilli, but it was just a warmth rather than a burn.
I think what I am trying to say is that these crisps have a really good complex flavour, but I would like to have turned the chilli heat up a notch. After all they are called Piri Piri and therefore named after a chilli, so it makes sense that purchasers of them would want a decent burn. There is just a pleasant tingle on these crisps which chilli connoisseurs may well be disappointed by. Having said that the flavour is nice, with a good depth from the other ingredients. I think these crisps would be perfect for someone who has tried the Nando’s crisps and just found them too hot, or for those who like a gentler spice.

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