11 October 2010

Terry’s Chocolate Orange: White Chocolate Smasher [Tutti Frutti Edition] (Sainsbury's)

Another Christmas is approaching and this means that someone over at Terry’s has put together a Limited Edition Chocolate Orange for the Season. Last year we had Volcanic Popping Candy, which was obviously a success as it is back on the shelves this year, but in previous years we have had some less appealing flavours, such as Orange and Hazelnut which was a little confused for my taste buds.
This year’s special is Tutti Frutti, and it consists of fruit flavoured colourful crystals in a white chocolate orange (which reminds me I haven’t seen the Snowball this year either).
The white chocolate is very sweet and creamy, and the wonderfully strong orange shines through. The Tutti Frutti bits add a light crunch in each piece, and also add to the sweetness, as well as giving a hint of a mixed fruits flavour. The Tutti Frutti taste isn’t as developed as I had expected, but it was certainly present and nicely put together.
I think it would be hard to dislike this chocolate orange, it has a good appeal with its speckled colourful chocolate chunks and sweet flavour. However it is quite a rich sweet Chocolate Orange, so less is more, and I found a couple of pieces plenty to relieve my sugar craving.


  1. It certainly looks pretty, I've never tried a white chocolate orange before, just dark with orange pieces from Cote d'Or, milk with lemon flavour from Gubor (that one was actually an apple - picture showing the green wrapper) and simple milk chocolate from Milka (which pretended to be a chocolate ball, but it was actually an orange)

  2. I like the picture of the product itself rather than just the packaging.

    I haven't seen these in the states but I'll be on the lookout. They look like the definition of sickly sweet, but I think I can handle it.

  3. Ana - that Milka football looks suspiciously like it was with a Terry's Chocolate Orange mold! Fab photos, love the look of the Gubor goodies too.

    Rodzilla - this product is very much aimed at the younger market - even has kids puzzles on the back. It is very sweet, but I think it will be popular come Christmas.

  4. For some reason this reminds me of the Wonderball.
    It was a ball with a milk chocolate crust and in the hallowed out middle was candy.

    I think it came out in the 90's, but I'm not sure if its still sold.

  5. Was Wonderball like Kinder Egg?

    This chocolate orange is solid choc...mmmm....


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