16 October 2010

The Big Crinkle Piri-Piri flavour crisps [By Spectre] (Marks and Spencer)

I was quite looking forward to trying these piri-piri crisps after my experience with Marks and Spencer’s Chorizo & Cheese. I wasn’t to be disappointed. This is a big heavy sharing grab bag of crisps that helped fill me up at the end of a busy day ready for a night out bowling with my work colleagues. There is a nice mild heat to these tasty crisps that doesn’t make you fear for your tongue. Instead the heat guides you to the piri-piri restaurant, it shows you to a paprika covered table, and you sit down and accept the lashings of ground Cayenne Pepper. Then you take in a cool drink, but not out of desperation to cool down or out of dryness, as your mouth is moist from the flavour and the constant crunching. Believe me, when you start on this bag whoever is sat at the table with you can get stuffed as you stuff these crinkly crunchy crisps one after another after another into you eager mouth. Sharing? You must be joking! These aren’t just any Piri-piri flavoured crinkly crisps; these are Marks and Spencer’s Piri-piri flavoured crinkly crisps.
By Spectre

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