29 October 2010

Cadbury’s Dead Heads (Various Supermarkets)

If you take this product in context with the Cadbury’s Screme Egg, which featured earlier in the week, you might notice that the Cadbury’s Halloween goodies actually have a distinctively Easter theme. Essentially this bag of ‘Dead Heads’ consist of milk chocolate eggs with caramel inside, and are not dissimilar to the Cadbury’s Caramel Mini Eggs available at Easter time.
As with the Screme Eggs, these Dead Heads have had a Halloween make-over and are now themed for the scary season. Each chocolate has a spooky face moulded into the chocolate, to give the impression of decapitated (dead) heads. The caramel is red in colour to give a gruesome looking filling, but thankfully in taste is the regular Cadbury’s caramel. I do really like Cadbury’s caramel, and love its flavour in conjunction with their chocolate, so these are an easy flavour pleaser for me.
We had a lot of fun with these Dead Heads here at Foodstuff Finds but we would like to make it perfectly clear the serving suggestion in the photograph above is totally optional. ;-)


Anne said...

The photo and the serving suggestion comment made me laugh. Thank you for that! Needed it. :-)

And you are right, Cadbury indeed is recycling Easter Goodies! *g*

cinabar said...

Glad you liked the review - as you can see we've been rather enjoying Halloween Week ;-)

krnries said...

My girls tried these today and loved them! Cadbury might recycle their Easter wares, but we love the gimmickry anyway!

cinabar said...

Glad you liked them. We like gimmicky too - hence the Halloween photos ;-)