2 October 2010

New York Delhi - VIP (Very Important Peanuts) Nuts [By Spectre]

Made in Connecticut these VIP Nuts were only launched in April 2009. The packaging has a space age silver look about them that appealed to my geeky nature. Looking over the packaging I was amused to find; "Allergen Warning: May contain peanuts". I suspect that if, on opening, this packet didn't contain peanuts most people would want their money back.

Chilli Lemon flavour

This bag is filled with the usual crunchy peanuts. It makes a nice 60g snack with your lunch. They have a salty very mild chilli flavour, but no heat whatsoever, having said that there is a good lemon zest when you suck on them. They have the moreish quality that some peanut flavours have that makes you keep wanting to shove, tip, scoop and dump as many of them in your mouth as possible until the bag is empty and you're left mourning the empty packet!

Hot Chilli flavour

There's a nice red colour to these nuts, which produces a burning sensation to your tongue when you start eating them. There's definitely a hot chilli taste to these peanuts and my nose started to run after just a couple of mouthfuls. There are other spices and herbs in there and black pepper, but the flavour is dominated by the hot chilli. A very tasty hot treat that made me sweat and dribble a bit, but at no point did I think that these were too hot or uncomfortable to eat, and I could taste each one. Having said that, don't forget the tissues.

By Spectre


Tridentrider said...

Had a whole assortment of bags of these nuts for christmas, and all of them bang on including the chocolate coffee beans, have to disagreee about the hot chilli, I love hot food especially chilli but I think buyers should be aware of the strength, I had two bags of these on separate occassions and the second bag sent me reaching for milk to cool my pallette, boy they bit hard! so buyer beware the strength does vary slightly other than that loved them all, they will be on my christmas and birthday, easter, shopping lists from now on.

cinabar said...

I agree - I thought the nuts were hot too - but Spectre seems more immune to such things!