19 October 2010

New UK Milka Bars: Popping Candy and Cookies & Cream (Poundland)

One of the things I love about German Milka is that their bars are available in such fantastic flavours. Somebody over there has a brilliant imagination and even their basic Pear and Almond Mousse seems out of the world to us. Don’t get me started on the Watermelon and Popping Candy, but I think it will be a while before Milka risk anything that crazy for the UK market.
Having said that I did hear rumours over a couple of new Milka bars out for the UK market, and searched most of the town centre looking for them. I walked away disappointed, and decide to have a last look for interesting items in the pound shop before leaving for home. I was amazed to see both new bars on their shelves, with a large ‘three for two’ offer. Mission accomplished.

Milka Popping Candy
Gosh I love Milka chocolate, it’s so unassumingly sweet and creamy. I can appreciate the sharp rich tones of a 70% cocoa bar as much as the next chocolate connoisseur, but pop a square of Milka in my mouth and my heart fills with memories of childhood and I become eight years old again. The addition of popping candy to this bar meant I just couldn’t stop smiling as it only enhanced this concept.
The sweet creamy filling, the nutty tones in the chocolate and the crunch from the crystals meant the texture and taste were diverse. Just when it started to settle, the crackling from the popping candy hits. My mouth was filled with tingling with popping noises and I felt obliged to open my mouth so Spectre could hear... he looked at me strangely, and then I remembered I’m in my thirties, not eight anymore!

Milka Cookies & Cream
This lovely Milka bar is filled with a creamy light mousse, with pieces of dark cookie trapped inside. The cookie pieces make the chocolate lovely and crunchy, but the overwhelming sweetness takes over the senses. There are sweet cocoa tones, creamy vanilla flavours and sweet cookies pieces too. To be fair the darker edge of the biscuit does come through towards to end of the flavour, and leaves the palette with a slightly less sweet edge. This was an enjoyable chocolate, and it reminded me of the flavour of Oreo biscuits. I couldn’t eat as much of it as I could with the Popping Candy bar, but I can assure you it would be perfect for anyone with sugar or chocolate cravings!

Earlier I mentioned that these bars were on a ‘three for two’ offer, and for the record I purchased two of the Popping Candy variety. Having now tested both bars I feel made the right choice, as it is just something a bit different and fun.
I know I’m biased when it comes to Milka, but I just can’t help but love the brand. The more fun and interesting bars they release here in the UK the better as far as I am concerned. I just love the sweet nutty chocolate.


Phil said...

I didn't like the popping candy one, it was just too much! But the cookies and cream was lovely. Very sweet and sickly, but moreish. I really hope Kraft bring more varieties out over here.

cinabar said...

Popping candy is a bit of an acquired taste... I really like the stuff myself - helps bring out my inner child. :-)
I too hope we get more varieties of Milka - I do like the Dime flavour Milka too... mmmm