8 October 2010

Slightly Naughty Jam (hotstuffchillicompany.co.uk)

The packaging and product name rather amused Spectre, he liked the jar and the idea of a chilli product that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Despite this I decided to do the write up of this item, as it isn’t one of the ‘liquid fire’ chilli sauces, and instead is more of a manageable heat.
The jar suggests using the jam with cheese and cold meats, but I decided to try it first as a garnish with fish cakes. Its bright red colour looked attractive on the plate, and its thick jelly nature made it look appetising.
The flavour was wonderfully sweet with a sour edge, which perfectly balanced the heat from the chilli. The spice was decent, adding a good tang and a tingle, but I felt it enhanced rather than overpowered my tuna fishcake. This is an ideal heat for me, I like the fact the chilli shines through, but there is depth to the flavour and it complements other tastes.
I was pleased to discover a strong product behind the quirky jar. We also have a bottle of Hot Scotch Sauce from the same company, which I looking forward to trying, but I might leave Spectre to the right up for that one – he has braver taste buds! In the meantime I am rather looking forward to trying this chilli jam with a rustic platter of bread, cheese, meats and olives.

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cinabar said...

Glad you liked the review - we have some of your Scotch sauce too to try :-)