4 October 2010

Hairy Bikers Crisps: Keralan King Prawn (Waitrose)

I think I should start by confessing to having had a very different reaction to these crisps to the other testers who tried them with me. Everyone else who tried these crisps loved them, but there was something about them that just didn’t do it for me. If I was to describe the taste, I would acknowledge the strong rich creamy tones of coconut, and the authentic herbs and spices that fill your mouth with a decent warmth. I’d excuse the lack of prawn flavour too, there is a hint, but it is mild. I’d be a little disappointed by the lack of any sweet tones in the taste, especially when the ingredients include mango and lemon. Ultimately though I’d enjoy the saltiness and mix of flavours, and the lovely thick crunchy crisps. This is where the other tasters were, enjoying spicy crisps, all ignoring that little, tiny, almost unnoticeable hint of, and it pains me to say it, lemongrass. Everyone has at least one flavour they don’t like, it’s just how things are. You cannot love every taste, and there will be at least one flavour you have an unexplained hatred for. I am really easy going, I love lots of different tastes, and am quite adventurous in what I will try, but lemongrass is just horrid (beetroot too but I guess that’s irrelevant here). Lemongrass tastes like a really poor quality artificial lemon flavouring. We have lemons, why would we ever need lemongrass? If you are reading this thinking I am being irrational, I suspect you, like the rest of the testers, will love these crisps. If you sit in the camp of lemongrass haters, firstly a big “hi” as I thought I was alone, but it is probably best to give these crisps a miss.

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