13 October 2010

New Wonka Kazoozles - Pink Lemonade [By Spectre] (Selfridges)

Looks like I got the short straw on this review (pun intended). Two short straws in fact, both have cherry flavouring. According to my customary information source (Wikipedia), pink lemonade originated from the Native Americans who used to make it with sumac berries. Nowadays it can be made with anything from food colourings, grenadine, strawberries, pomegranate, red grapefruit juice, cranberries and also cherries. I hate cherries, hence the short straws. The two straws are about a centimetre wide yellow sugary ten centimetre long tube with a soft pink cherry flavoured filling. On tasting, the flavour is quite a sweet cherry hit turning quickly into a sour cherry punch. I must admit I had to screw up my face when the sourness took hold, but I enjoyed munching down the first stick and took more time over the second. First I licked off most of the sugar from the outside of the tube, which drew some disgusted looks from some of the women in the office. I then chomped down the rest of the stick one sour screwed up faced bite after another. Even though I hate cherries I did rather enjoy the sourness of these sticks. They made me feel childlike, which is a must with any sweets, and it woke up an otherwise dull day at the office. Cheers Wonka!
By Spectre


Barnaby Dingo said...

Those things are delicious!

cinabar said...

Spectre ate all of these before I got to sample any... may have to buy some more. ;-)