22 October 2010

McVities Jaffa Cakes -Lemon and Slime Cake Bars [Limited Edition] (Wilkinson)

This isn’t the first time I have seen this flavour “Lemon & Slime” from McVities, but it is the first time I’ve seen it in a cake bar. Last year I managed to find proper Jaffa Cakes in this flavour, and they were a Halloween special. Lemon and Slime obviously equating to an appropriately spooky and ghoulish version of lemon and lime! The flavour was clearly popular because they are back again this year but in a new form: cake bars.
I was really pleased to see these back too, as I really like the zingy lime flavour in conjunction with the thin layer of dark chocolate. The flavour of the filling is predominantly lime, with just a hint of lemon as an aftertaste. The citrus and chocolate flavours work nicely together, and the addition of the soft sponge make these a nice juicy treat for a lunch box.
If you were feeling particularly generous they would be nice to give out to Trick or Treaters, but personally my tray with its five cake bars didn’t make it. :-D
Next week here on Foodstuff Finds is Halloween week, so do check back to see what’s going to be reviewed. Just a warning though, be afraid, be very afraid...


Anne said...

If anyone prefers teh cakes to teh bars: Was in Tesco yesterday and saw that they also have the Lemon and Slime Jaffa Cakes again this year. I would actually like to sample them but the package is just way too big (think it was double or even triple the size of the normal Jaffa Cakes package)! Why can't they also make options with just a few biscuits in them? :(

cinabar said...

Last year I looked all over for those Lemon and Slime Jaffa Cakes... eventually found some while on holiday in Wales in a small Spa shop! It is a shame, I like the zingier flavour - will check Tesco when I'm next there.
On your other point our work vending machine sells a mini pack of three regular Jaffa Cakes for 70p which isn't the best value - sadly.