31 October 2010

Halloween High Street (Greggs and Thorntons) {by @NLi10}

Saturday was a good day to be out on the high street, all of the Halloween goods and a few discounts too!

Greggs finest offer was a chocolate bat. I do love his spooky eyes and it's a decent size for a biscuit, but it’s Gingerbread. This by itself in a crispy form might be OK but with the chocolate it tasted a bit odd. I'm going to finish it, but it's not the lovely choc/shortbread combo I'd hoped for.

They had their lovely cakes with Halloween rings in again this year which are a personal favourite.

I felt like I'd maligned Thorntons in my previous Hotel Chocolat review suggesting that for gift giving they had been surpassed. At Halloween this isn't the case, as while the eyeballs that started the week were the height of cool you can't really give them out to Trick or Treaters. These on the other hand are perfect, and as I bought them at the last minute were 2 for a pound. Unfortunately it is Saturday night now and we have had no spooky visitors yet all 4 chocolate lollipops have disappeared. I blame paranormal activity...


NLi10 said...

Ha - forgot we mentioned the rings last year too!

cinabar said...

Were any of the ring designs new this year?

NLi10 said...

The cakes looked more sumptuous, but I didn't notice whether the rings had changed or were available in adult sizes.