17 October 2010

Debbie And Andrew's Pork & Apple Sausages [By @NLi10] (Asda)

A week or so ago I reviewed some Jamie Oliver Sausages and came to the conclusion that they were the finest sausages I'd ever cooked at home. The review was so positive that I got a tweet saying I'd encouraged someone to go out and try them (and if you do try the things we feature let us know what you thought in the comments on the original review!). Asda had a special on sausages that week so as part of the 2 for £4 deal I picked up these sausage thinking that a small 'family sounding' brand would be the perfect opposite to the big famous Mr. Oliver.

These sausages gave me the impression of being simpler. They list the name as Pork & Apple, no fancy tricks here. And the picture suggests a happy couple living on a farm, hand rearing pigs and picking the apples from their orchard.

I don't think I was far off with my in-store guess really as these sausages are very good, solid sausages. They were filling and tasted like good quality sausages should, and were definitely made from the decent cuts of meat like a butchers own sausages would be. The thing is they just weren't that exciting in the flavour department. Next to the Oliver sausages this was disappointing as secretly I'd been rooting for these to be the superior brand due to my aforementioned love-hate relationship with the big J-O.

If I wanted some solid, quality sausages to put into a sauce or to use as an ingredient then these would be a good choice, but I'd probably just go with the Walls skinless that I usually buy as they are cheaper. I'm sure that other (less snobby) people would prefer their sausages to be simple and straight forward, but between the two I found myself longing for the hidden excitement of the previous, more famous brand.
By @NLi10

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Kit said...

Great sausages shame about the very difficult to chew skins