1 October 2010

Bramley Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble Cakes [Taste The Difference] (Sainsbury’s)

These rather lovely individual cakes can be eaten straight from the pack, or indeed heated and served with custard. I went for the first option and tried them ‘as is’, i.e. I was too excited to wait to have them as a proper pudding and just ripped straight into the box!
Each cake was wonderfully laced with fruit, and the rich flavours from these shone through. The apple pieces blended wonderfully with the blackcurrant and balanced their sharper taste. The very centre concealed some fruity sauce, that again had the lovely flavour of dark mature berries. The whole cake was well proportioned, and perfect for grown up tastes as each cake was not excessively sweet. This would also make it an ideal base for the addition of custard, which I think I am going to have to try at a later date.
The sponge section is light and easy to eat, and perfectly moist. There was a creamy sweet flavour to the sponge, and within it I could pick up on flavoursome brown sugar. I liked the topping too, there were pieces of almond that gave a gentle crunch, but nothing too heavy and not much by way of crumble from the texture.
The flavours in this cake are perfect for an Autumn treat as they contain all the rich but fruity flavours for the season. They make an ideal pudding especially now the weather is getting cooler, and I heartily give them a big thumbs up.


Ana said...

The bottom left one looks a little different - it has more blackcurrants, I suppose?

Jeanna said...

Served with custard, never would have occurred to me. I love it when the fruit to pastry ratio is right, not a lot of snack cake makers seem to care about this.

Unknown said...

These look great. Custard, Cream or Ice Cream would suit these perfectly by the looks of it :D I will take a look out for these next time I'm in sainsbury's

cinabar said...

Ana - I think I have to confess, it might well be upsidedown :-( sorry

jMo - to be fair I ripped straight into the box too - but they really would have made a nice dessert with custard.

Jim - let me know what you think of them