3 October 2010

Raspberry Love Hearts {by @NLi10} (Hotel Chocolat)

Just like tartan is the new black, Hotel Chocolat is the new Thorntons. The very definition of luxury gifts was once the biggest of the Throntons selection boxes you dared to carry home, or a little bag of someone's favourites as a special treat or present. Now the little boxes of six and the mini slabs from Hotel Chocolat are the best present a time-strapped idea-barren guy can get for those hard to buy for ladies in his life.

While I had bought many of these as gifts (across the range) this was the first I had been given and I'm glad to say that the quality and flavours are as good as I expected. I received mine for my birthday when my fiancée bought this lovely set of six mini chocs and I gradually worked my way through them.

The outside is hard white chocolate and high quality, the inside is strongly flavoured raspberry creme. These are one of my favourite flavour combinations (hence the gift) and go perfectly hand in hand. This particular example of the flavours is great as you only need to eat one at a time due to the way the tastes linger.

While I am happy to buy myself Thorntons (especially the coloured chocolate lollipops they do around Halloween and Easter) I am very unlikely to buy anything from Hotel Chocolate for myself due to the price, so I think there is still a place for both on the highstreet. And who knows - maybe Thorntons have some more luxurious items lined up for this Christmas. It's probably only a few short weeks until we find out.
by @NLi10

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