8 October 2010

SWBH Pathology Honey [@NLi10 helped make it, assisted by bees!]

Before I start I should say that this isn’t a product you can buy, (as it is sold out), but it is something I was very keen to feature on the site. The story is a little complex, but it highlights a couple of really good causes.
There are few words that you see that don’t sound very appetising in a product title, but one of them has to be Pathology... you think Pathology, and you think hospital samples, not at all enticing.
Nli10 works in a Pathology department, and helped make this honey. Thankfully it wasn’t made in some strange science lab way, his manager rescued some bees. This is the first good cause I would like to highlight. There are a lot of organisations at the moment trying to save the bees, and I have even donated to a few charities, but this Pathology Department went one step further and has their own hive! Yep, NLi10, along with several of his work colleagues, is a part-time bee keeper. I was lucky enough to get the chance to sample some of this fine honey, and found it to be absolutely divine. It had a lovely light silky texture, and was lovely and runny. The taste was sweet, and gentle but with a surprisingly nice floral tang for a busy city centre honey!

Just when you are probably thinking that the Pathology department where NLi10 works can’t get any better, let me tell you about the second charitable aspect of this post. After they harvested all this fantastic honey from their hard working bees, they then accepted charitable donations from anyone who wanted a pot. They raised £350 for the Pakistan Flood Appeal too!
I just wanted to say a big congratulations to everyone involved in the project, it’s an amazing achievement, and you should all be really proud of yourselves!

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