5 October 2010

Jordan’s Frusli – Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Bar (Waitrose)

You know its autumn when the apple and cinnamon flavoured products start appearing. They seem to be the tastes of the Season, and I’m not about to complain because they are flavours I really enjoy. I’m not sure why we all fall out of love with cinnamon in the summer, but I am pleased to see it re-appearing on the shelves.
This bar is the latest flavour introduced by Jordan’s for the Frusli range. The thing I love about these Frusli bars is that they are so fruity, and juicy. The apple and raisins are moist, and sweet and the warmth of the cinnamon shines through, complementing but not overpowering the taste.
Despite the light moist nature of this bar, it still felt surprisingly satisfying, and did stop me from snacking until lunch time (I had this as breakfast bar).
I was really pleased with this cereal bar, and although I usually choose a chocolate flavoured breakfast item, this is one of the chocolate-free breakfast snacks I’ll be repurchasing.


Anne said...

That bar sounds rather nice. :-)

But it is indeed a pity that a lot of people associate cinnamon with autumn/winter time. In Germany some people even limit it to Christmas! Which in a way is understandable since cinnamon used to be very expensive, but now days we are lucky enough that we are able to have it year round and we should make the most of it! :-)

cinabar said...

I noticed gingerbread lattes are back in Costa Coffee... which is another 'winter' taste. I do love the sweet spices, so as you say, going to enjoy them while I can :-)