27 October 2010

Chewits Vampire Fangs [By Spectre] (Tesco)

Being a ghost this is my favourite spooky time of the year and I just couldn’t resist eating something scary. From Cinabar’s inventive photograph you’ll see these Vampire Fangs are shaped like the top front teeth of a vampire. They have a pinkish gum, white teeth and bloody coloured fangs. Looking on the back of the packet, these fangs have curious flavourings, from the healthy sounding blackcurrant and apple to the downright strange radish and beeswax! Sadly my mouth is a little too large to cover my front teeth with these sweets in order to make myself look dark, mysterious and vampire like, but smaller kids will have a ball with these sweets. I’ll just have to settle for my usual white bed sheet with two holes for my eyes. The sweets have a squidgy texture with a sweet moreish strawberry flavour to them. Believe me the bag didn’t stay full for long and a colleague had to fight me for one. These sweets taste great, look scary and kids can actually play with their food. They can’t usually get away with that! Now where’s that white sheet?
By Spectre

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