5 September 2023

Barratt Favourites Jelly Beans (Gifted) By @Cinabar

Barratt Favourites Jelly Beans

The lovely folks at Barratt’s sent me a bag of their new flavour sweets to try out; here we have Barratt Favourites Jelly Beans. They are based on some of their classic sweets, which are some of my favourite sweets from childhood. They remind me of childhood trips to the corner shop to pick up some bread and milk, and often some sweets as a treat. I couldn’t wait to see how those varieties translate to jelly beans. In the bag were five colours:

Green-coloured and based on Refreshers: these were sour, acidic, and fresh, just like a Refresher. Super tangy. 

Dark pink-coloured and based on Dib Dabs: Wow, these were so sweet, very fruity, and full of sherbet flavour. They were spot-on for Dib Dabs.

Pink-coloured and based on Whams: I liked the flavour; they were sweet and fruity and very much reminiscent of the chewy sweet, without it getting stuck in your teeth. I swear it has an aftertaste of candy floss.

Orange-coloured and based on Fruit Salads: these were flavoured with my favourite chewy sweets as a kid, and their taste lived up to my expectations. They were sweet and fruity, with hints of citrus and raspberry. Seriously tasty. 

Yellow-coloured and based on Refreshers Lemon edition. They had a good blast of lemon but were fun, sweet, and just lightly sour.

What an absolutely wonderful mix of fun flavours! They are absolutely gorgeous, summery, and a delight. These reminded me of my childhood sweets, and I loved every one of them. The Fruit Salad was my absolute favourite, but they were all good. The bag was so moreish, tangy, and sweet, and they just made me smile. 

Barratt Favourites Jelly Beans

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