10 September 2023

Eat Real - Hummus Chips, Salted [@NLi10]

I was given these as part of a snack hamper with other nibbles, and we'd been saving them for the right occasion - but then we got hungry! 

They are vegan & gluten free hummus chips - which was interesting as I'd been thinking of them as a big bag of crisps.

The packaging sounds similar to the cat food - can you tell whose dinner time is near?

Less fat than potato crisps, and well - crispier - they are a more enticing prospect than yet another bag of Walkers.

And they certainly look the part.  Thing is - I think they are right - these are chips designed to be dipped.

The flavours are earthy and basic, but with a lovely richness crying out for avocado or salsa.

So we put the clip back on the rest of the bag and will have the rest as a side with some other bits and bobs another day.  Great product, but disserves a great dip to go with it.

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