14 September 2023

Percy Pig Sandwich Biscuits - M&S [@NLi10]

 I don’t physically go in M&S that often these days - I just Ocado their food - so when I spotted the `Percy Pig’ Sandwich biscuits for the first time it was more than a year from Spectre’s original review!

As I wanted to try them anyway I decided to go ahead and leave the jam sandwich creams as for another day.

The original appearance of the Percy sweets predates Peppa `pig, but I’m sure she is a catalyst for the widening of the range. Not that I’m complaining, although describing this as “Percy Pig Flavour” is a little odd if you’ve not seen the original pink mallow sweets.

My pig’s got no ears! It’s snout is a bit odd too -  maybe they should have added a fondant circle to the jam for authenticity? Decently happy little face though - although not porcine.

Full marks for the back though - all it needs is little trotters so it can jump in muddy puddles (hot chocolate probably, although strong tea would work too).

As with M&S other products these are sweet enough for children, but healthy enough for adults to buy them for them (ok - well maybe just grandparents but they aren’t as bad as they could be).

I enjoyed them, nice mix of the raspberry-ish sweet flavour in the shortbread, and the actual raspberry jam and creme part is up to the usual high standards. Would have again - even without children to cheer up!

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