9 September 2023

Viking’s Footstep Scotch Ale (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Viking’s Footstep Scotch Ale

I feel a bit like I'm standing in the footstep of a giant. This Viking's Footstep Scotch Ale is an experimental edition brewed without hops. "Without hops!" I hear some of you exclaim. Wasted Degrees Brewing knows that we can all learn a lot from the past, some good, some bad. They have researched the history of beer production in Scotland and found that locally sourced herbs, such as Myrica Gale, were used in brewing ale before hops took over in the 1800s. So, this is a first for me, as I don't believe I've tried a purely herbal beer before.

At 3.7% in volume Viking's Footstep Scotch Ale could be considered as a session beer. So, when the Vikings need a break from all that pillaging, they could kick back for a short break and have a Viking's Footstep, and then get back to it. I was secretly hoping that the mention of "Scotch" on the front of the can meant that this beer was brewed in old whisky oak barrels. Instead the back of the can mentioned that this Myrica Gale tastes a little like Eucalyptus, so I'll have to keep my eyes open for any roving Koalas. You never know when one might sneak up on you. Although I live in the UK, and they seem fairly sleepy whenever I see them in the zoo.

On opening the can there was quite a strong herbal aroma from the deep golden, almost brown ale inside. Poured with a jolly fizz, the frothy top disappeared as quick as it came from this pungent herbal smelling beer. There was a little wheat after the strong herbal smell with even less sweet malted barley. On taste the Myrica Gale was the predominant flavour, and provided a bitter edge, with a little wheat thereafter and a touch of malted barley underneath.

At first I wasn't keen on this Viking's Footstep Scotch Ale, in fact I didn't really like it. I wasn't sure what the Viking had stepped in. It reminded me a little of herbal tea, and I remember just how badly that went for a couple of days afterwards. The things I sometimes do for blogging.

Anyway, this Scotch Ale grew on me the more I sipped it. I wasn't sure if it would wash down my juicy steak and chips well at all, but the more it grew in me, the better it washed my dinner down. I'd recommend giving Viking's Footstep a try. You may like it straight away or you may grow to love it. Probably another can or two would help me make up my mind.

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